Pierre Lionel Matte

Variations for trees and a ruin

Video and sound,  5'25''. 2021

A person ( the artist )  walks into the woods. Arriving at an old ruin surrounded by dried pine-trees, he starts to "play " the branches, creating patterns of melody and rhythms in dialogue with the structures and sounds of the place.



Video, animation, 3'30''. 2021

Living matter and nature in the form of roots, stones, dirt, vegetation , insects and mycel ( mushroom ) creates abstract patterns of rhythm, structures and movements through multi-layers of video and stop-motion animation.


Episodes from the Woods

Video, 15'. 2020/21

An experimental video in three parts with a prolog; «IT», « after the storm «, «variations for trees and a ruin «. Based on walks and experiences in the woods of Dale, Sunnfiord, Western Norway, summer 2020


Pas de Deux for ocean and factory

Video, 18' . 2019

Based on screen-recordings from google-earth it shows an increasing conflict between the ocean and industrial structures and logic. A dystopian phantasy produced for the Art Festival Greenlight District, Norway 2019.


The Journey

Video, animation, 22'45''. 2019

Two families embark on a canoe trip, where they follow several rivers and streams. During the journey, the children grow older as they pass the rivers' cultural history , myths and memories. Based on 12 years of private family footage


Hall of Fame

Video, 4'25''. 2012

In an alley surrounded by antique sculptures, a young boy is practicing tricks with his football. His acitivity is observed by the sculptured gods, philosophers and athletes, and gradually his play becomes more and more determined and focused.



Video. 4'30''.  2012

A chain of thought created by combinations of the letters in the norwegian word HORDENE. The word Hordene (the hordes) is frequently found in the norwegian translation of Hans Magnus Enzensbergers’ essay The Radical Loser. Paper letters cut from the book are manipulated to form new words and phrases. New meanings that evoke both negative associations as well as more gentle notions.


Camera's Play

Stop - motion animation. 5' 30''. 2011

3 empty camera carton boxes is animated to create three different "robots"; they record their surroundings before they transform to a "memory machine " , showing glimpses of landscapes, journeys and childhood memories. 


Pierre Le Ménétrier

Video, sound, performance 9'45''. 2008

The video is a multi-track sound composition based on the popular folk song Per Spelemann (Per the Fiddler). The artist plays the song first on flute and then on a wide range of old objects, tools and kitchen utensils found exhibited in an open air museum of traditional rural architecture


What I came here for - animated music video

Animation 4'. 2020

A music animation for the pop-ballade "What I came here for", written by Roger Thierry Matte ( MOON ontherun )