Pierre Lionel Matte

Pas de Deux for ocean and factory

Video, 18' . 2019

Based on screen-recordings from google-earth it shows an increasing conflict between the ocean and industrial structures and logic. 

The video is structured in 3 parts: 1; Pas De Deux; an interplay between oceans and industrial structures, seen from above. 2; Alarm; A closer look at the industrial architecture and an increasing speed of the cycle of day and night that ends in an frenetic collapse,  accompanied with the alert call from wild animals. 3; Game Run; we see a ruined industrial landscape from the viewpoint of an individual trying to find a way out of the labyrintic structures. The video ends in an abstract vision of ocean waves superimposed on remnants of factory constructions.   

The video expresses a dystopian phantasy and was produced for the Art Festival Greenlight District, Norway 2019.