Pierre Lionel Matte

Episodes from the Woods

Video, 15'. 2020/21

An experimental video in three parts with a prolog;

«IT», « after the storm «, «variations for trees and a ruin «. Based on walks and experiences in the woods of Dale, Sunnfiord, Western Norway, summer 2020. In the «prolog» a person ( the artist) walks deep into the forest arriving at a «zone « where transformation is possible. 

«IT»;  living matter and nature in the form of roots, stones, dirt, vegetation , insects and mycel ( mushroom ) creates abstract patterns of rhythm, structures and movements through multi-layers of video and stop-motion animation.

«After the storm « shows the artists «conducting « and responding to the shapes and structures of the surrounding vegetations , trees and plants, contrasted with footage of a collapsed forests destroyed by autumn storms.

Finally, in «variations for trees and a ruin» the artist enter a dried pine forest surrounding the ruins of an old settlement and starts to «play « the branches of the dried trees, creating  fragments of rhythmic patterns.