Pierre Lionel Matte

Windfall (outdoor sketch)


Darwing, ink on paper,  2020-21

Summer of 2020, during the covid lockdown, I spend 2 months at the Dale Nordic Artist Center, situated at the west coast of Norway. The forest surrounding the Artist Centre consists mostly of Sitka pines trees, a result of plantation activity during the 50 and the 60ties. Heavy storms have later left parts of the forest in devasted state, with uprooted and fallen trees, exposing the normally hidden organic structures . It makes parts of the forest resemble a ruin of a forest. ( a forestal ruin )

The drawing are meticulous depictions of roots, organic threads, plant residues and mycelium ( mushroom ) , using a thin brush and black ink to record all the details. I chose a clean linear style to counter the dramatic motifs.