Pierre Lionel Matte

Installation view, (the former) Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo

Feast of Fools

Table installation. Variable size. 2001

The work is inspired by a carnivalesque celebration that was held every year (  January 1 ) in several European countries  during the late middle ages. A profane ”mock-service” – festum Stultorum -  took place inside the church, and the ruling order was transformed by the eruptive paganism into a burlesque parody of the liturgy.This celebration was finally banned in 1435.

The Feast of Fools - installation is based on a transformation of the popular Norwegian ”Kranse-kake”- table ( Almond- cake - table), often enjoied during christian celebratory days, such as confirmation, christmas, weddings, baptism etc.
A metamorphosis where melted chocolate, icing sugar, gilded garlic, turkish sweets and paperflags create a horn of plenty.