X – Elimination Mark

( 2006/07)
paper-streamers on wall
height 3 m

A wall paper-work made of colored paper party-streamers to form an X-shape.
The symmetric X signals control and refusal, contrasting the colorful patterns expressing a notion of party and celebration.
The work  is inspired by the double-standard of Norway’s official celebration of the open cultural society, in contrast to the strict immigration-laws.


Things not said

Norwegian traditional carpet cut to resemble the shape of a razor-blade.



Table installation, cups, garlic, chocolate and painted coconuts.



Painted wood, coconut and text.
Two halves of the same coconut is mounted on a piece of wooden panelling. The coconut on the black painted part is experienced as lighter in its colour nuance and the text underneath describes the nut’s positive properties, for cooking. The other half mounted on the natural wooden background, looks darker and the text focuses on the negative properties. The same object gets a different description depending on the context. Here the context is an optical phenomenon.
Inspired by US anti-Japanese propaganda posters during the World War II.


Tight structure

Floor-installation, 2m x 2m, photo size 100x 120 cm.
A labyrinth made from broken parts of Kransekake (almond cake). The inner circle is closed and the different paths and roads are guarded with Norwegian paper-flags.