2011;  Text for the book HVA NÅ ( What now ) published by Pax publishing house and artist Guttorm Guttormsgaard. Read text ( norwegian)

2004;  text on political symbols in polish contemorary art for the book JAM ( published by Adbusters/Pax )

2001: Catalog-text for artist Nirmal Singh Dhunsi. Read text ( Norwegian) (English)

1999; Catalog-text for the exhibition Nye Vibrasjoner, curated by Lotte Konow Lund and Tone Johansen. Read text ( norwegian)

1996; Text about american artist Jimmie Durham, UKS-Forum for contemporary art. Read text ( norwegian)

1996-2002: art-related texts for UKS - Forum for Contemporary Art, and art-magazin Billedkunst.