1984-2002; Drawing and Anatomy – classes at Einar Granum Art School

Since 1990: Lectures in 20 th century art history at  Einar Granum Art School, Oslo

1991 - 2005; drawing-classes at the School of Graphic Design, Oslo

1994 - 1999. Lectures about contemporary art from Poland and Chile, and  Art and Feminism at art academies in Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo.
Lectures about polish art at The National Museum, Oslo, Lillehammer  Art-museum,Lillehammer.

2002-2006 :lectures about early avantgarde sound-art at the Norwegian Music High School, Oslo.

Since 2002; lectures in 20 th century art history at The Nordland Art and Film School, Nordland.

Since 2005; Lectures in Avantgarde Art and Design history at Westerdal School of Communication, Oslo

2008: lectures and talks at the Art Academy in Bergen.

2010: Staged photography workshop for children, Nikel, Zapoljarny, Russia.

2010/2011: lectures at the Nansen School, Lillehammer, about avantgarde sound-art 1910-1970

2011; Lecture about 20th century South American art at Prosjektskolen,  Oslo.