I grew up in Tønsberg, with norwegian mother and french-belgian father.
Early experience of splitted national identity has been an important motivation for working with national identity related topics as an artist.
Based in Oslo I spend the mid-eighties working as an illustrator for solidarity-organisations and South-america-related magazins.
In 1993 I moved to Poland for a year to study the history of polish contemporary art.
In 1994 I spend 5 months in Chile and Bolivia while studying south-american art-history, changing my thinking about art and the artist role in society.

My work has its origin in daily events, politics and theoretical literature discussing national identity, nationalism and xenophobia, globalisation and art-history .
Many of my projects are motivated by a wish to challenge our reading of cultural symbols.
I find inspiration in social related art, the avantgarde art history, and post-colonial literature and theory.
Many of my works are connected to each other, circling around some basic themes.
Some works have a poetic voice, others function as “one-liners”, like exclamation marks in a text.
Humor is an important ingredient in many of my projects.

I am interested in how established conventions in the art world concerning aesthetical presentations and ways of production relate to social class;
how these tend to confirm the audience’s taste and self-image, dependent on their social and educational background.
I choose therefore, in an exhibition, to combine a wide range of different techniques, materials, visual styles and attitudes to express my doubts
concerning an art based on one single concept about art.

My work is realized through sculptures, photography, installations, books, videos, paintings and text.
They tend to have an ephemeral character.  Some projects are related to political activism, used by organisations, or published in books and magazines.